Work-Life Balance – It’s a Lie!

Did you know that only 20% of the US population feel like they have a healthy work-life balance? So, you’re not alone! But since when is work-life balance our life goal anyway?

There is no perfect metric that can set life on a balanced course. From day to day, week to week, or year to year, the variables are tremendous.

So, how are we to live the lives we are meant to live as holistic, integrated, fully-human human beings?

This isn’t a rhetorical question. I want you to take a moment now and ask yourself this:

How can I live the life I was born to live?

At the end of your life, would you prefer to be known as the person who did a great job juggling life or a person who had integrity?

If our goal is to keep our lives balanced, we will lose. Most days, real life is too hard to balance.

If our goal is to identify and live out our personal values, the values we share with our partners at home or the values that define our work teams, we have a chance at an integrated, centered life that holds together, no matter what.

How can you break free of the work-life balance life to really live the life you were born to live?

As much as we love planning ahead, being organized, and checking off lists, it is even more important to hear the people who are closest to us say:

You are the same person at home and at work. You practice what you preach. You walk your talk. You have integrity.

For this to happen, we need to be centered.

I don’t know about you but I have a better chance of hitting that mark on a day to day basis. If I can wake up in the morning knowing what I believe, if I am centered, I only have one me to manage…and that is a relief.

It won’t matter if I am playing at the park with my grandchildren, in a heartfelt conversation with a staff person, responding to a client, sitting with my aunt as she gets cancer treatment or responding to the aftermath of hurricane Harvey…I am centered and what I am doing reflects that.

If this is something you want to work on with intentionality, LEAD offers Value Cards (or you can make your own using Post-It notes) that can help you get centered. They work for personal reflection or for teams of people negotiating shared values. My husband and I used them when we were working on his retirement plan. Once you’ve identified your values, go to work aligning your life around your top 3-5 values.

Embrace the feeling of living a holistic life. Notice that I did not say easier life because once you have your values in place, being centered means using them to make decisions with intentionality rather than letting the markets, your peers, or competing values drive the day. We can do this…you and I can do this…it’s worth it.

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