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by Lynn Willis, LEAD Spiritual Director

Tiny houses, minimalism, and even Marie Kondo’s bestselling book and TV show about tidying up! It seems like more and more of us are craving some simplicity in our lives.

Some of us are rejecting any difficult concepts in an effort to simplify. Scientific complexities, difficult transitions, and even other people are being ignored or pushed away in an effort to achieve some sort of black and white simplicity.

A different way might be to follow Mary Oliver’s (Pulitzer Prize winner in Poetry 1983) advice:

Instructions for living a life. 
Pay attention. 
Be astonished. 
Tell about it.

By truly noticing (which is the “magic” in Kondo’s tidying advice!) and delighting in our life with God, we can do a simple thing each day. By doing a simple thing each day we might feel that it’s not so hard to hang out with God after all!

This spring, as Lent comes into our lives again, let’s do something other than giving up chocolate for 40 days. Let’s pay attention – use the senses, curiosity and imagination that God gave us to truly notice this life. Let’s spend the day being astonished and sharing that excitement with God. And then let’s share that joy.

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