What is your God-narrative?

What do we tell ourselves about these questions?

  • Where is God?
  • What is God doing?

No household or faith community has a single story that communicates who God is in their life together, only a dominant story that is primary for existence. That narrative either builds up or tears down a person’s capacity to cope with the hard things in life. It can reduce our capacity or expand our resiliency.

What is the God-narrative in your life, your family’s life or your congregational life?

Which of these sounds most like you?

  • God is above all watching and judging
    This perspective creates a deepening feeling of shame or pride.
  • God will rescue us when it is time
    This perspective creates a feeling of helplessness, powerlessness or inaction.
  • God is walking with us throughout the process
    This perspective creates a feeling of mutual respect, growing trust, and accompaniment.

We have a relational God who is in relationship with God’s self in the Trinity. God the Creator, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit all give us a glimpse of God.

Expanding our God-narrative is at the heart of Christian leadership. Some days are better than others. Clarifying your own God-narrative as an individual, family or faith community starts with a conversation that honestly wrestles with these questions in community and prayer.

Find brave spaces* to talk about this with a friend or your leadership team or your whole congregation.

**The brave space language comes from Micky ScottBey Jones. Click here to view her video presentation “Confronting Opponents with Love—Tools and Tactics.” 

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  1. Cheryl Jones
    Cheryl Jones says:

    I so often hear of people in crisis pleading to God for His Divine Intervention. But really, people of faith know that always, we have His Divine Involvement in our lives. We may still cry out when we are in crisis, calling for Him to act, to take away the pain, to fix what is broken, I know I have, but we also know that He isn’t absent. We know He is in the midst of our crisis, it may just be in our nature to call on the Father for comfort when we hurt.


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