We thank you God

We thank you God
For the Risk-takers.

For the seed that risks dying
For the farmer who risks the weather
For the fisher who risks the sea
For all who risk that others may bloom.

For those who know that
Only when we risk
Can we feed the hungry,
Clothe the vulnerable,
And welcome the stranger.

For those who know that
Only when we risk
Can we come to know You,
Love our neighbors as ourselves,
And be fully human.

We offer Thanksgiving on this day
For all who take risks in your name.


by Lynn Willis, LEAD Spiritual Director

“But here’s the thing: without taking the risk, we can’t experience the fullness of life.
Without the risk of becoming human, we wouldn’t know what it means to
love God, love ourselves, and love our neighbors as well.”
Rozella Haydée White*

*Excerpted from Love Big: The Power of Revolutionary Relationships to Heal the World, Fortress Press, 2019, p. 118. Used with permission.



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