by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director

Kristen (my daughter the history prof): “If ‘Did Not Vote’ was a candidate in 2016, they would have won by a landslide.”

Me (always learning from my kids): “That many people didn’t vote? Why not?”

Kristen: “Because they didn’t like any of the candidates.”

Me: “What about civic responsibility?”

Kristen: “They decided it wasn’t worth it if they couldn’t find a perfect candidate.”

You are voting, right?

I understand being overwhelmed and under-wowed by leadership but please, step into the arena by casting a vote.

Register today (the post office is your fastest way to do this, if there’s still time in your state).

Then VOTE!

Go to now for more information. Make a plan to vote and share it at church, on your social media, or wherever you meet people these days. Encourage everyone you know to vote. Let’s not let the “Did Not Vote” candidate win in this election.