Each year, I write a Christmas letter to my grandchildren noting places that I have seen God moving in their lives and in the world. This year I have found it harder to write than usual. It feels like so much is at stake right now. I do wonder about the world they are going to come of age in, yet I am filled with confidence that God is faithful.

My husband and I will sit down tonight to make decisions on where we will give our year-end financial gifts. We do this each year as part of our faith practice. I am thinking about my grandchildren as we make these decisions. What am I most hopeful for for them?

End cancer. YES.

Care for refugees. YES.

A vibrant church. YES. YES. YES.

While there are many places we could give our money, the beautiful thing about investing in leadership of the church is that, through the church, refugees, the sick and so many others are cared for. And as I think about all the changes in world, one thing that is still true is that the church is entrusted with teaching people to pray.

Please include LEAD in your year-end giving. We can’t grow without you. Your gift to LEAD is a gift that keeps on giving because as leaders are equipped, supported and resourced, they grow others. Imagine the exponential impact your gift will have.

This is our last call asking for your gifts this year, but it is not the end of the many ways your gift will bless others.

My Christmas letter to my grandchildren is private, yet I am acutely aware that what we do today will impact their lives into the future.