Clarifying Values

Next Webinar: Date To Be Announced

For teams and congregations, once we have agreed on our values, we can drive alignment.

If all of this sounds complex, consider this 90-minute webinar where we will introduce our LEAD value cards, including how you can make your own out of post-it notes, and a simple process for alignment.

We will spend part of our time talking about the bigger, more adaptive question about values: how do we honor other people’s values when they don’t align with ours?

Identifying values is easy. Living with them makes life simple. Welcoming and engaging people with different values, at home and at church – this is the work we all have ahead of us.

Bring your council/team/small group and

join LEAD and other congregations for

the 90 minute webinar: Clarifying Values

 Simplify life with a value-focused identity so we can do the more important work of welcoming people

into our lives with diverse values, at home and at church.

With your registration, you will receive one free set of congregational value cards ($20 value)