Times of crisis and uncertainty rock our world. We find ourselves rethinking our priorities…as individuals, as families, as congregations…

Things we always knew to be “true,” to be “essential,” to be at the center of our being get called into question.

Our values change.

Yet too often we resist the hard work of personally sorting through and admitting that some things matter more to us than others during this season.

Now is a good time to intentionally explore where God is calling you in this new reality. Then take the next step. Start organizing your life around your values.

LEAD Values Cards provide a framework for doing this.

Congregations across the country have used LEAD Congregation Values Cards to help them identify who they are called to be and the 3-5 values that are most important to them…at a particular place and time.

And now we are excited to announce TWO NEW SETS OF CARDS:

  • Individual & Group Values Cards – for individuals, households, leadership teams and even work groups
  • Children & Family Cards for individual families (by birth or by choice), youth groups, Sunday School or confirmation classes, Scout troops, etc. with pictures as well as words so even young children can participate

Leadership, whether at home, work, church or internally, means leaning into our values knowing they will grow as we do, and as our world changes.