Two LEADership Practices to Master: WHY and HOW


by Peggy Hahn, Executive Director

Come on…Reveal your thinking!

What is the “WHY” behind your thoughts?

Leaders that are vulnerable enough to reveal their thinking are leaders that are worth following.

We can all expand our integrity and build stronger relationships when we have the courage to reveal our own biases, backstories, and perspectives. Without the “WHY,” we are withholding vital information and that can result in unintended stories or assumptions that are often worse than the truth.

Next time you say “No,” reveal your thinking. Why are you saying no?

  • Try this in your personal life if you want more meaningful, intimate relationships.
  • Try this in your work life if you want to lead beyond your job title. The least influential leader is the one that people follow only because they have been deemed the “boss” or “team leader” or  (you fill in the blank) . Entitlement leadership is a thing of the past, if it was ever a thing at all.
  • Try adding the expectation that those you work with will “reveal their thinking” too. Understanding why people behave or think the way they do is essential to your own growth as a leader who listens.

The LEAD Team has added this phrase to our team covenant. We are calling each other to act with greater integrity. We believe it starts with us.

  • Try this on for size: LEAD is committed to leadership development.

WHY? From our point of view, the church has confused job roles (pastor, council president, membership tenure, etc.), power (who gives the most money), and ownership (back to who gives the most money, or maybe time) with faithful leadership. We feel an urgency to work on this with others who care about living out their faith within the context of our daily struggles. We believe that the Holy Spirit is up to something new, and we are curious, and crazy enough, to want to trust that kind of leadership.

What is your “Why?

Revealing your thinking may not surprise anyone, but it will free you to lead and live with greater transparency. It will open you up for more. More of what? Hmmm, that will be revealed!

Next week…Two LEADership Practices to Master: WHY and HOW

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