by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director

Can you only think in the moment?

Does your strategic planning brain seem muddled?

You are not alone!

During a time of crisis (pandemic, economic challenges, racial rioting), we “tunnel” adopting a survival mentality to protect ourselves.

To escape the tunnel, we need slack – a reserve of time or resources that can be spent on problem solving. We actually need each other to gain perspective as we bounce from Zoom meeting to Zoom meeting, or go bravely to the grocery, or risk dinner with friends…all really hard work in the tunnel of 2020.

Beginning this fall, LEAD is helping congregational councils, pastors, and key leaders move out of the tunnel as we create slack together through the LEAD Journey Online.

The psychologists Eldar Shafir and Sendhil Mullainathan, in their book “Scarcity” tell us that when people are juggling a lot of problems, they give up trying to solve them all. They adopt tunnel vision. There’s no long-term planning; no strategic prioritization of issues. It confines us to short-term, reactive thinking. In the tunnel, there’s only forward.

The LEAD Journey Online has been tested and is ready for your consideration. We think this could offer you the slack you need to escape the tunnel. We believe that the Holy Spirit is calling the church forward, through the tunnel, into a new future that we will create together. This is not a quick-fix, or even easy. However, we will use proven tools and resources to navigate the toughest leadership any of us have ever done. This is too hard to do alone. The tunnel will suck you into the vortex of depression and despair.