Before we begin the countdown, we want to highlight a very special series of reflections by Lynn Willis about her experiences at the 2018 Parliament of World’s Religions. Beautiful and powerful, they are well worth a read.

And now, without further ado, we are excited to share our most-read blogposts of 2018. Take a moment to revisit your favorites or to catch up on those that you may have missed.

10. How do you measure what matters? by Peggy Hahn

9. Closing the Back Door: It’s about relationships by Peggy Hahn

8.Walking a Labyrinth: A visit to the grocery store by Peggy Hahn

7. Alarming Faith by David Hansen

6. Embodied Faith: The ELCA Youth Gathering by Rozella White

5. 6 Objections to Online Ministry by David Hansen

4. Smelly Church by Peggy Hahn

3. When Caring Is Killing Us by Peggy Hahn

2. Throw Away Your Mission Statement by David Hansen

And now…this is it!

[Drum roll please]

Our most-read blogpost of 2018:

1. Dear PBS by Kristen Krueger

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