Top 10 of 2017

Wondering what caught people’s attention in 2017? Here’s a list of LEAD’s most-read blogposts from 2017. Revisit your favorites or catch up on those you may have missed.

There are 250+ blogposts available on the website, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for in this list (or if you get excited and want more), check them out!

10. Rules that Matter Most – to YOU! by Peggy Hahn

9. Chicken and Eggs: A Tale of Mindfulness by Lynn Willis

8. Dying Church? by Pastor David Hansen

7. From Insider Community to Inclusive Church by Peggy Hahn

6. Developing a Statement of Theology by Rozella White

5. A New Thing… by Peggy Hahn

4. Summer Reading Recommendations by Peggy Hahn (these are good winter reads too!)

3. The Best Advice My Dad Has Given Me (so far) by Peggy Hahn

2. Leaders Helping Leaders by Peggy Hahn

And the most read article of 2017…

1. Owning My White Privilege by Peggy Hahn

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