by David Hansen

Fall is here – and it brings with it changes in our schedules and routines.

As we begin a new school year, this is the perfect chance to start a new habit that will help you to grow in faith and to grow as a leader.

Think about your current faith practices: your habits and routines of prayer, worship, and study. What could you add to the routine this Fall?

What book could you read?
What new Bible study could you be a part of?
At what point during your day could you pause for prayer?

The LEAD team is right there with you. We are shaking up our routines and habits – helping our team to grow in faith.

As part of this change in routine, the Toolbox will look a little different this Fall. You can still access two and a half years of 10 Minute Toolboxes that provide practical tips, suggestions, and how-to guides on our website.

This Fall’s Toolbox, Hope in New Habits, will challenge us all to grow in faith and to grow as leaders. Our goal is to provide a mix of education and devotion in a highly accessible format. Whether you watch it with your leadership team in a conference room or on your phone during a break in your day, we hope you will use the LEAD Toolbox to help you grow closer to God – who calls us as leaders.

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