Throw Away Your Mission Statement

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by Pastor David L Hansen, Director of Communication and Innovation – LEAD

Every church I know of has a mission statement. Your church probably has a mission statement. And the first thing I think you need to do with that mission statement is throw it away.

Out of Date

Often mission statements are out of date in congregation. They were written 10 years ago or 15 years ago for a church that no longer exists.

Maybe once upon a time, this mission statement was great for the congregation. But since then, it has become embedded in the culture of the congregation. And we all know how much institutions love change.

So, even as the congregation has changed, or the neighborhood around the congregation has changed, its mission has not.

Throw away your old mission statement.


Usually, a committee is in charge of writing a mission statement. And those missions sound like they are written by committee. The number of people who get excited by things written by committees is exceptionally small.

Mission statements written by committee more often than not have no passion in them, no excitement in them. They are bland. And nobody is getting excited about your bland mission statement. Throw it away.


God set your church in a unique neighborhood. Your congregation has specific gifts – gifts that only your congregation brings to your unique setting.

Your mission statement however is not unique. Chances are I could take your mission statement and use it at any other church in this country by just changing the name of the church.

We should not be able to take a mission statement from large suburban Minneapolis congregation, and use it at a small rural Colorado congregation – but far too often we can.

Your church deserves a mission as unique as the gift that God gave you, not a bland one size fits all universal mission statement.

Throw it away.

Mission That Changes Lives

Your congregation is in a specific location, with unique gifts given by God. You need a mission that inspires passion about the unique role you play in the Kingdom of God.

If the problem is deeper – you don’t know your neighborhood, or you can’t think of the unique gifts of your church – that is a big conversation that you need to have.

Get started by throwing away your out of date, uninspiring, and non-specific mission statement. Then get to work naming the exciting and unique work God has called you to in your neighborhood.

I highly recommend the resources of LEAD. Tune In” can help you to reconnect with your neighborhood, while “Wake Up” is designed to help identify the unique values and purpose of your congregation

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  1. Brad Schlegel
    Brad Schlegel says:

    Our Mission Statement retains it’s vibrancy in my opinion: “St. Mark’s Lutheran Church will embrace diversity, practice hospitality, and make known Christ’s presence in word and deed.”


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