The top five ways leaders say they are growing

Christians lead out of the waters of our baptism. More to the point – it’s the Holy Spirit leading out of us.

Leadership is influence and we believe that everyone has the capacity to influence others. EVERYONE. We all have the power to consciously or unconsciously ignite positive movement in our home, school, work, congregation, and neighborhood.

So this is a real question –

What keeps you from growing as a leader?

I’ve been asking leaders across the country this question for the past three years and the number one answer I get is…are you ready?

A lack of confidence.

It’s not a big surprise if you think about all the changes in our world.

I have also been asking the opposite question –

What are the most helpful ways you are growing as a leader right now?

The top five answers from those I have interviewed are (in this order):

  1. Reading (books or audio), podcasts, and/or videos
  2. Spiritual Guide, coach or mentor
  3. Networking with other leaders
  4. Experiments, testing out new ideas, pilot projects
  5. Time away, pilgrimages, immersion experiences, retreats

This month’s 10 Minute Toolbox offers more on this topic – and tells you how LEAD is engaging leaders who are interested in growing. Considering that we are influential, often in spite of ourselves, and that the Holy Spirit is ahead of us creating the way, a little personal reflection on our own leadership is worth our time.

This is a great season to start planning your continuing education for next year. How will you use your resources (especially your time) to expand your personal capacity to join in God’s mission?

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