The Secret-Sauce for Ministry with Youth and Children


by Peggy Hahn, Executive Director

Are you ready for the one-word answer to the heartfelt question:
“How can we get young people to come to church?”

Drum-roll, please….

The answer is: 


Okay, so maybe it is a little more than just one word because student leadership needs to include a few key commitments on the part of those already in congregational leadership. Things like:

  • Making safe space for students, and the adults who support them, to take risks, learn, and make decisions
  • Equipping students with leadership skills and mentoring them as they practice leadership
  • Preparing for the unexpected as youth lead differently than adults with amazing results
  • Learning from the students as the adults shift into the student role

No organization does this better than Camp Hope Day Camp Ministries. This day camp is hosted at a congregation or public space, led by trained high school and college students, mentored by faithful, caring adults, and supported financially by camper fees and congregational investment.

Now is the time to make a plan for next summer.

This could be the most important decision your congregation makes if they are serious about having young people in the church.

Camp Hope is a fantastic way to add value to your neighborhood, to launch young leaders, and to build Biblically literate families.

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