The LEAD Journey


changing what it means to be church

The LEAD Journey Open House
the first step to deepening faith and expanding mission

Grow deeper in faith and be re-energized and equipped to learn new ways to be church.


THE LEAD JOURNEY is a 3-year transformational process that starts with pastors and lay leaders working together to deepen their faith and grow their congregation’s understanding of and capacity for mission.

You set the pace for this movement. You have support to make change. You get a new peer group.

LEAD offers a high-commitment, deep-results experience that works for congregations across the country in any context – all online.

You can look forward to:

  • 12 Strategic Workshops
  • 24 Coaching Sessions

Bring your questions to the Open House and meet LEAD’s Executive Director and one of LEAD’s professional coaches.

The LEAD Journey
Open House

Tuesday, September 28, 2021, 5:00pm Central Time

The Open House is free.
Invite your staff and council to join you.


THE LEAD JOURNEY is for a team of congregational leaders (pastors and lay leaders) who commit to a three-year transformational process.

Members of our LEAD staff guide you as you work through an effective process, supported by serminars, guidebooks, and coaching delving deeply into:

  • listening to God in scripture, in your congregation, and in your neighborhood
  • centering your mission around your core values

Join The LEAD Journey and change what it means to be church.