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Laughter is, indeed, a spiritual practice. It may sound silly (because it is) but it serves to transform the mind, body and spirit. Laughing ignites joy in the cells by releasing endorphins. This allows your heart to open and the love of Christ to be intensified. I’ve certainly found this to the case in my practice of laughter. Additionally, laughing is cathartic. Like crying, it opens us up to release emotion positively. In laughing with groups over the years, I’ve seen it transform people. It also comes from a place of playfulness, which enhances creativity. This strengthens hope because we can see new possibilities we may have overlooked before. Try laughter and the joy of the Lord will be sparked within you!

The Rev Laura Gentry aka Laughing Laura


How do I get started?

While this practice is  called Laughter Yoga, be assured that there are no poses or physical challenges that might dissuade you from trying it. There are no jokes either.  It’s just about laughing.  And breathing. You can laugh with friends or alone in the car.


Why Laughter?

Why is Laughter important in a life of faith? LAUGHTER IS BIBLICAL! Because the Good News is GOOD NEWS!  God is the true source of happiness! Joy is all over the Bible.


Where can I find more information and resources?

A wonderful place to start is at Pastor Laura Gentry’s website. She has information, resources, and even classes to become a certified instructor.

You can find a certified Laughter Yoga instructor near you.