By Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director

Leaders who are growing congregations are reading, listening to podcasts or audio books, or watching videos. They never stop learning. We have listed a few of this season’s favorite books for your consideration – and we would LOVE your reading list in return. Let’s learn from each other. Email us your favorite books or post them on our Facebook page so we can discover what’s energizing you.

The books are organized into two categories: Relational Development and Organizational Development. We recommend choosing one in each area as you expand your thinking this summer.

Relational Development: one key to growing congregations (and family life) is to transform your self-awareness and your capacity to interact with others. Check out these three amazing books to help you coach yourself.

Organizational Development: Every congregation can expand its capacity for a larger worldview and shift the way things get done. The books listed above support the relational dynamics embedded in these shifts; the books below open up new awareness of the changing world in which we are called to lead.

These six books offer great conversational opportunities for you and those you work or live with. I find that asking someone in my life to read a book I find interesting expands my own capacity to remember what I have read. This happens through the conversations we share, even when we have opposing perspectives on a point the author makes. It is in this dialog that I can identify and practice my own convictions around new material before putting this new learning into action.

Why not ask your team, staff, colleague or spouse to join you in reading the same book this summer?

Happy reading!