Sparking CollaborationPeople of faith from different congregation are coming together to serve the needs of their community. They are doing more than they would have ever been able to do alone. Where this is happening, people are getting to know each other. They are really becoming friends and it is changing the shape of what it means to be neighbor. They are reaching out beyond their comfort zones, beyond racial and cultural boundaries, to respond to human need and suffering. In the words of Pastor Rich Nelson, “There is a deepening of the quality and depth of ministry in what has shifted here.”

This collaboration is sparked by the Tune In process with congregational leaders taking time to intentionally listen to God in scripture and prayer, to their own congregation, and to their neighbors. This listening has sparked new partnerships that are responding to local issues. When done well, this kind of listening results in trans-formative relationships between congregations and neighbors – neighbors who would have been strangers without this investment in listening.

If this sounds too good to be true, take a look at this month’s 10 Minute Toolbox and learn more about one community that is being transformed. Imagine what can happen in your neighborhood when leaders of your congregation intentionally listen to God, joining together in collaboration with your neighbors.

 LEAD offers Tune In Facilitator Training, Coaching, Consultation, Webinars and Resources to accompany you on this path.  We are committed to this process because we have seen how God is using the simple act of listening to guide our path and grow a deeper faith as we work in partnership with our neighbors.