Show Up and Be Seen

One of LEAD’s highest values is faithful courage. At first glance, this may seem redundant, as if faith equals courage. Or it may make you think of the “don’t hide your light under a bushel” lesson from Jesus, but not quite. (Matthew 15:5)

Faithful courage is about vulnerability as we take a chance on our own capacity. Taking a chance on ourselves is scary stuff. The only thing harder is having the courage to take a chance on messing up the respect and trust we need from the people who matter most in our lives. This level of vulnerability means we are willing to risk respect, and self-respect, for something or someone that matters more. On the other hand…

Faith is a gift from God who takes a chance on us. If you think about that for very long, it can take your breath away. (But it can also give you the courage to lead.)

Here’s why this is worth thinking about: All of us live with our doubts even as we pray, worship, and try to keep the faith. Personally, I find myself in prayer way more during times of fear and doubt than I do when I feel like my “light is shining.” If I use my own life as an average test-case, I would have to admit that there are times when it is easier to have faith than it is to have courage. This is not to say that having faith is always easy, but rather that having courage can be hard.

Faithful courage is living out of God’s faith in us. Leading from this place is about as good as it gets. This kind of God-gifted vulnerability is huge. This is the space in our lives when we can lead amazing things. When we can fully show up and be seen. This is our most innovative self. This is when we join in being co-creators with a generous God.

In the words of Brene’ Brown, “without vulnerability you can’t create.”

And without creating, you can’t join in God’s mission. 

For more on creativity and vulnerability, check out this presentation by Brene’ Brown.

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