Affinity Groups Launching September 9, 2021

Sacred Time


  • Set apart.
  • Holy. Worthy of worship.


  • Chronos. Past. Present. Future.
  • Kairos: God’s time. The right time.


  • Similar. Kinship.
  • Spontaneously alike.

Now when Jesus heard this, he withdrew from there in a boat to a deserted place by himself. But when the crowds heard it, they followed him on foot from the towns.

Matthew 14:13 

We all need time away – alone and with people who understand us. Join a Sacred Time Group, or form your own. Better yet, start several groups in your congregation!

LEAD’s Sacred Time Affinity Groups – Meet Weekly –

Begins the week of September 9, 2021

Choose one option and register by August 15,2021. Leadership training will be August 18, 2021, 6pm.

Option One: Join a Guided-Group

Join an affinity group with a trained LEAD Guide and gather with six to nine people from around the country or beyond.  LEAD will provide a trained guide and 12 weeks of Sacred Time resources. Groups will meet on Zoom. The day and time will vary based on each group’s preference.

A three month subscription is $299 per person.

Option Two: Self-Guided-Group

Bring your own group and guide. LEAD will provide 12 weeks of Sacred Time resources and a training video for your guide. Resources will be available online. *Each person should self-register to ensure their access to digital materials.

A three month subscription is $100 per person, with no minimum or maximum number of per group.

Option Three: Congregation

Launch Sacred Time as a congregational movement. Design your own affinity groups, with no minimum or maximum number of per group. LEAD will provide 12 weeks of  Sacred Time resources and one hour of training for your  congregational team. Register per congregation.

$600 includes resources  and training.