Sacred Time: It’s Lent

Jan 19, 2022 | 0 comments

-by Peggy Hahn, Executive Director of LEAD

Every time I pray lately, I find myself confessing how little I really know about… well, truthfully, about so many things. I realize that my isolation, the fears that keep me up at night, and my thirst for God are exponentially increasing. Is it just me?

During our experiment in Advent, one person shared how passing the Welcome the Seasons devotions by Pastor Paul Gauche around their office changed the culture of the whole organization. Friends, God is not stuck in the church!

Another person shared how significant it was for her to have a group of people to meet with each week, who really understood what it meant to be a pastor leading their church through the pandemic.

We learned a lot. We discovered when denominational leaders invested, people showed up. When people come, they pass the faith to others. Thank you so much!

Now LEAD is taking what we have learned into consideration as we offer you meaningful conversations during Lent. Our theme? FOR THE SAKE OF GOD, our hearts confess…

Our staff has prayed through the Psalms and leaned deeply into our most beloved Bible stories to bring you what we hope is what you need for five weeks leading up to Holy Week.

Bring your judicatory, your congregation, your co-workers or your household. Pass this invite on to others. Just like you share a good recipe or movie, we know you want the people you love to meet Jesus in this day and time.

Sign up for intentional Sacred Time Groups to explore questions around our loneliness, fear, thirst, rebellion, and joy. You will receive videos, prayers and a guide for your own pondering. Think of this as your mental and spiritual health break between Ash Wednesday and Holy Week. Take advantage of our free daily posts on Facebook and Instagram beginning March 2.

Please, join us. Registration opens next week!


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