Rules that Matter Most – to YOU!

By Peggy Hahn

Everything cannot be of equal value – or nothing would have meaning, right?

So, what rules matter most in your life?

Make a Top 10 list of the Rules that Matter Most to You.

The rules will change from time to time and that’s okay. But making this list helps bring into focus what matters most to you right now.

Here are the rules that are holding me right now – not necessarily in priority order:

  1. Pray first and last every day. In between too.
  2. Make space to create, read, write, and walk every week. No exceptions.
  3. Stay close to my family and even closer to my husband.
  4. Experiment as often as possible. Risks are good.
  5. Drive the calendar so it doesn’t drive me.
  6. Pick up after myself. Clean up my own mess.
  7. Listen to people deeply. Beyond words.
  8. Forget the hurt, anger, and wrong as quickly as possible.
  9. Practice gratitude even when (especially when) it’s hard.
  10. Make the effort to get to know the new people in the room.

My rules keep me right-side-up. I break them once in a while but the point is that I am trying to live by the values that really matter to me. What are yours?

Check out this article about the ‘2-hour rule’ based on Einstein’s habits. Then come up with your own rules. You will may be surprised at what is shaping your day, week, month, and life.

God has given us a life to live – enjoy it!

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