Renewing Leadership

photo credit: Julia Scruggs

by Pastor David Hansen, Director of Communication & Innovation – LEAD

In January, much of the US was hit by winter storms. Even here in Houston, schools and businesses were closed as ice made it unsafe for us to travel on roads.

And all of a sudden, I had three extra days off.

Let’s face it. Those of us in ministry are prone to overworking. We are likely to not take all of our vacation or continuing education time. To put in work time on our days off.

People in ministry are people who sometimes don’t know how to turn it all off.
To really rest.
To truly take a break.

Even though the research proves that as people work longer hours, they become less productive and less creative.
Even though we stand in pulpits and classrooms and teach people about the importance of Sabbath.

But in January, the weather left many of us with no choice. We had to take a break. And in those days I was reminded – I am a better pastor, preacher, and leader when I am well rested. I am more able to be the leader God has called me to be when there is time for prayer, contemplation, and rest as a part of my day.

Rediscovering Rest

For those of us who follow the liturgical calendar, Lent is here – a time that is traditionally devoted to spiritual practices and renewing our faith.

What if this Lent is a time not just to preach and teach about the importance of renewal, but a time to lead by example?

What if we – as leaders – took this season of Lent to become more intentional about rest and prayer?

You – beloved child of God – are deserving of rest. And not only are you deserving of it, taking the time for rest and prayer will help you to be a better leader to those whom you serve.

This Lent, listen to God’s call for leaders.

Take out your calendar for the season, and schedule time for rest – write it on your calendar.

Rediscover the powerful work of rest, prayer, and renewal.

LEAD offers free print-ready resources for Lent.

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