by Rev. Louise Johnson, LEAD Director of Leadership Development

When a global pandemic became a reality, church leaders dug deep and created a plan – one that was designed to last through May, maybe June, when we thought we would be through the worst of it.

It is almost August and the end is nowhere in sight.

The leadership challenges grow bigger and more complex. And even though we are hyper-connected, we feel more isolated than ever.

And we are tired – not the kind of tired a nap can fix, but bone tired.

So, what now?

Renew is a new ministry of LEAD designed for the times we are in.

Pastor Ernie Hinojosa on LEAD's RENEW

Pastor Ernie Hinojosa on LEAD’s RENEW

Renew will help you address real leadership issues with trusted colleagues in real time, while you build a solid foundation of discipleship practices that will sustain you for the long-haul.

Renew is designed to help you build:

  • Competency. Find leadership direction in the midst of unprecedented challenges.
  • Capacity. Find renewed strength for the journey via deepening personal discipleship.
  • Community. Find support and accountability via relationships with trusted colleagues.

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