Contemplative Prayer Retreat

This retreat is endorsed by LEAD.

Ebert Ranch, Harper, TX
Feb 15-17, 2019

This weekend retreat creates space for quiet prayer in community and solitude. Designed both for people who identify as Christian and those who do not, the retreat is also welcoming to beginners and experienced practitioners of contemplative prayer. The weekend will include beginner’s instruction (if desired), structured contemplative prayer and meditation, short teachings, free time for personal reflection, spiritual guidance (optional), and meditative song.

The retreat facilitator, Travis Fitzgold, M. Div., is grounded in the Christian theological tradition and has been a practitioner of meditation and contemplative prayer for over a decade. He is founder of the Zen Learning Project*, an Austin-based organization that practices mindfulness through the arts.

Space for this retreat is limited to 32 participants, with a registration deadline of January 31, 2019. The cost is $200, which includes lodging, meals, a scholarship pool, and a small facilitator fee. To learn more and to register, visit

About Zen Learning Project:

*Zen Learning Project (ZLP) is, strictly speaking, not Zen. The Zen tradition extends many years into the past and has developed along particular lineages throughout the world. ZLP is not part of any of these lineages. ZLP focuses on the practice of mindfulness as a methodology of learning, and hence the name Zen Learning Project. 

The mission of Zen Learning Project (ZLP) is to practice mindfulness through creative arts. Both teachers and students are lifelong beginners who learn together in supportive, joyful environments.

Creative arts are ideal mediums through which to practice mindfulness, but our practice can extend to any activity, whether washing dishes, walking outside, or breathing. ZLP seeks a wholesome embrace of life’s great diversity of experiences in each passing moment. Welcome to the practice!