“I need to bless you,” interrupted my two-year-old granddaughter as we gathered for dinner this weekend.

Wow. A God moment named and claimed by a baby.

How does she know that God is with us? How does she know she has agency to bless us?

The faith givers in her life, especially her mom and dad, have passed their love for Jesus to this baby through the rituals of their lives. They use the Faith5 practice as a family and it works. People of all ages can be blessed by this ritual.

God is always with us, but sometimes it takes a baby to be the faith giver in the family. God coming to us as a baby says it all.

With the feelings of gratitude still warm in our hearts from Thanksgiving, please join me in thanking those who have passed the faith to you.

Give a gift of any amount to LEAD and we will send a personal thank you note for you.

The holidays are rich with traditions we can build on to name the God moments all around us. Do the people in your life know the story of the Christmas Tree or the symbolism of the poinsettia or the Advent candles?

This is a great time to trade up on our traditions to strengthen our own faith language.