LEAD’s Art & Visuals

Visuals and art

Art Journaling

LEAD shares the art journaling of Vonda Drees throughout our website, our books, and our resources.

In Vonda’s own words:

Vonda artistArt journaling is a way for me to process the Spirit’s stirring via scripture, reflections, poetry, music, etc.  If it catches my attention, I do my best to listen and respond.

Vonda’s art can be found on her blog, her Facebook page, and Instagram.

Symbols and Colors

LEAD also uses symbols and colors to identify each of the four areas in the Disciple Frame.

HEART – the color is purple and the Greek symbol is κ (Kappa)

Loving God with all our heart (καρδίας) moves us into liminal space (a space in between; a threshold where you are neither where you have been nor yet where you are going), opening us to passions and relationships that seek mercy, justice, and hope for ourselves and for all people. Through intentional departures from daily life, we grow a larger view of God. This is experienced through local and international pilgrimages.

SOUL – the color is blue and the Greek symbol is Ψ (Psi)

Loving God with all our soul (ψυχῆς) inspires us to see everything as sacred, to make space for our emotions and feelings, and to focus on our spiritual life through prayer and quiet time that bring us back to God. This is experienced as we gather for worship, experience faith practices and participate in covenant groups.

MIND – the color is green and the Greek symbol is δ (Delta)

Loving God with all our mind (διανοίας) calls us to use our intelligence and imagination to strategize, to study, to question, and to critically reflect as we share with to others and attend to our relationship with God. This is expressed through seminars, one-day events, on-line learning and training experiences.

STRENGTH – the color is orange and the Greek symbol is ί (Iota)

Loving God with all our strength (ἰσχύος) encourages us to care for our own health and to share resources, wisdom, tools and knowledge with each other. This is expressed through coaching, community and networking of resources.