A quest to find the Way of Jesus. Your invitation to join the journey.

Following the Way is an innovative, holistic, integrative experience for people seeking a deeper life of faith. It equips people to explore an ancient yet seldom discussed life path shown to us by God, exemplified by Jesus and articulated at the core of the Christian gospel and surprisingly in every major world religion.

Following the WayTM is a more in-depth resource than a typical bible study or class, revealing and exploring the four primary paths for living a full and faithful life. It is best experienced in a small group format of 6-10 people but it can be experienced by individuals as well.

Following the Way is a 32 week commitment (with options to expand or condense it), which includes:

  • Online weekly video reflections. Visit Following the Way on Facebook to view the videos.
  • Downloadable weekly written reflections
  • Questions to spark group discussions and/or individual journaling
  • Practical tools to deepen your spirituality and explore your faith
  • Further online links and discussion boards for those seeking more information and engagement

Past participants have said that Following the Way “opened my eyes and made me reach deeper inside to learn to love myself more and others;” “it helped me rebuild a connection with God that I had lost in the tunnel and turmoil of the past few years;” and “it leads you to share your soul and feelings with others and all of the sudden you know how much faith you really have.”

For more information or to register, visit Following the Way.

Rich webThe program is produced by Rev. Rich Nelson, a disciple of Jesus, spiritual pilgrim, husband, dad, and Episcopal priest.