The LEAD Summit

New Spirituality / Culturally Real

March 22-23, 2019

Ushering in a new era of leadership means making the journey together!

This LEAD Summit is for Congregational Leaders (pastors, staff, council, others) who want more than a one-off event.

Transforming ourselves as leaders with a new spirituality, new mindset and new skills can give us the confidence we need to build a new church culture. Sustainable change happens incrementally as passionate followers of Christ engage their congregation and the neighborhood.

This is about listening to God in daily life and asking new questions of how we are church together.

Print-ready flyer.

Choose your path:

Curious Path: For Anyone/Everyone
Expect to leave with new questions and new wonderings as you lead your congregation. This is an open door for anyone to attend.

Camp Hope Leadership Summit: For Camp Hope directors, managers and assistant managers
Expect new training, redesigned based on your feedback. Camp Hope sites should bring their director, manager and assistant manager to this event.

Coastal Bay Cohort: For participating congregations
This second seminar is focused on you as a spiritual leader, on learnings so far and on preparing you to listen in your neighborhood for an outward plan.

Crisis to Mission Cohort: For participating congregations
This third seminar is focused on what you have learned listening in your neighborhood and on building a plan for alignment with God’s call for your congregation.

New Cohort: For participating congregations
This first seminar is focused on first steps in listening to God in scripture, prayer and in your congregation.