LEAD Staff

The LEAD staff is a combination of paid, stipend, and volunteer staff who are committed to growing Christian leaders. In addition to this core team, we also have a strong relationship with the TX–LA Gulf Coast Synod staff and collaborate with leaders across the world.

Peggy Hahn—Executive Director

peggy@waytolead.org; schedule a meeting with Peggy

Peggy Hahn serves as the Executive Director for LEAD, aligning passionate leaders, resources, and practices to grow Christian leaders who grow faith communities in our world. Read more.

Jinny Sutherland Breedlove—Administrative Support


Jinny Sutherland Breedlove has served in professional church ministry for 20 years, primarily with children, youth, and families. She is the Camp Hope Consultant and provides administrative support for LEAD.

Chris Hicks—Assistant Director


Chris Hicks is passionate about networking and identifying new ways to support individuals and congregations. Chris maintains the LEAD website and manages the LEAD Congregational Assessment.

Jessica Noonan—Director of Operations


Jessica Noonan has served in professional congregational, synodical, and churchwide ministry for over 20 years with focus on children, youth and family ministries. Read more.

David Hansen—Director of Communication & Innovation


Pastor David brings practical experience and creative insight to LEAD’s ministry. He serves at Spirit of Joy! Lutheran Church in The Woodlands, TX. Read more.

Kristen Krueger, PhD—Consultant


Kristen Krueger is a LEAD consultant who uses her experience as a professor to lead workshops and to develop resources for LEAD and Camp Hope.

Cindi Scruggs—Administrative Assistant


Cindi Scruggs serves as the editor for the LEAD blog.  An active member at Christ the King Lutheran Church in Houston, Cindi is committed to growing leaders that grow congregations.

Rozella Haydée White—Consultant


Rozella Haydée White is a LEAD consultant and creator accompanying individuals, organizations, and communities to live meaningful lives by embracing the fullness of who they are. Read more.

Lynn Willis—Spiritual Guide


Lynn Willis is a Spiritual Director and member of Spiritual Directors International. For Lynn, seeing the sacred in all of creation (even while cleaning up after the dog!) makes life a joyous pilgrimage.