LEAD Strategic Planning

Making real change happen – responding to God’s call

3 key elements of your Strategic Plan with LEAD:

  • Intentional listening
  • Goals AND metrics (adaptive and technical; external AND internal)
  • Implementation plan (with coaching)

Has your congregation developed a strategic plan in the past?

Did you see a REAL IMPACT on your congregation’s behaviors or practices?

Too often congregations (maybe even yours) put countless hours into developing a fantastic plan…only to have it sit, gathering dust, on the shelf.

Move from vision to implementation with LEAD!

To customize your strategic planning process:

What LEAD clients are saying

How long does it take?

That depends on your needs.

We offer both a six-month strategic planning process and a longer, deeper, one-year process.

  • Is your congregation in the call process? Do you already have a clear, outward-facing congregational purpose and core values?

The shorter timeline may be helpful to you. In this process, the work is focused on setting goals, alignment and implementation.

  • Are you wanting to launch adaptive changes? Are you considering partnerships with other congregations?

The longer process may be right for you as you consider making significant shifts in your ministry.

An example of a one-year Strategic Planning Process

The strategic planning process is customizable for your context. Six month options are also available.

1st Quarter:
Team development, listening and analysis

  • Building a team
  • Congregational Assessment – either LEAD’s or another assessment of your choice
  • On-campus consultation to review Assessment, conduct leadership interviews, and train team for strategic listening
  • Monthly coaching for pastor and consultation for team

2nd Quarter:
Identify congregational values and purpose, set goals with metrics

  • On-campus consultation to conduct communication audit and begin identifying values & purpose, set internal and external goals & metrics
  • Monthly coaching for pastor and consultation for team

3rd Quarter:
Implementation and gratitude plan

  • On-campus consultation to finalize strategic plan, introduce project management techniques, share plan with congregation
  • Gratitude seminar for leadership
  • Launch implementation plan
  • Monthly coaching for pastor and consultation for team

4th Quarter:
Feedback loop for new learning

  • On-campus consultation to calibrate plan and metrics, collect stories, develop communication plan
  • Monthly coaching for pastor and consultation for team