Spiritual Practices

God is in the present.  The risen Christ is in this time and this place.

Ironically, while God is in the present, very often we are not. We are a country of do-ers, not be-ers. Sociologists and anthropologists who study culture have found that the USA is the country that values doing the most. So from a very young age we learn to plan what we are going to do and to evaluate what we have done. It is very difficult to take time to be with God because it looks like we aren’t doing anything.

What we call spiritual practices give us ways to set aside time to just be with God (which is where we came from and where we are going). They invite us to slow down, look toward God, and feel more alive because of it. Explore these spiritual practices. Find the one (or ones) that speak to your heart and make it (them) your own. That is key. Make the experiences ones that continually call you back to God.

This short quiz, by Pastor Rich Nelson, offers one way to discover your spiritual type and to receive suggested prayer practices for your unique type.