From Where I Sit

An invitation to safely engage in challenging conversations

LEAD offers resources to communities, congregations, and faith communities to start conversations around difficult topics.

The goal of From Where I Sit is to create space for safe conversations. Participants each receive a 2-page introduction to the issue being discussed that provides a common pool of information with quotes and statistics from a variety of different sources and perspectives. Resources focusing on Hunger are currently available. Over a meal, groups share their thoughts, concerns and questions, guided by a set of ground rules that empower and equip people to respectfully listen to one another. The goal is not to judge or to change someone else’s mind. The goal is to empower and equip people to respectfully listen to and share differing views.

Who can participate?

Anyone who is interested in sharing a meal and conversation about current issues in our world, recognizing that not everyone will share the same opinion but all will be respected and heard.  From Where I Sit is not designed exclusively for faith-based communities nor does it target a specific age group or political ideology.


Groups can meet in homes or restaurants, churches or coffee shops, wherever people choose to gather for deep, consequential discussion. Groups can be formed in any geographic location. We encourage groups to meet face-to-face. Over time, on-line groups may be introduced.


Materials are currently available for conversations around hunger.

How do I get started?

The materials are FREE, however you must register the first time in order to receive the password. Once you have registered, you can click here to access the resources.

Are you interested in hosting a group?  Sign up on the registration form.

In addition to the materials introducing the topic, the resources are available to support you:

  • Tips for facilitating the discussion
  • A list of ground rules for creating a safe space

Click here for more information.  A printable flyer is available here.


We want to learn from you!  Please complete the online evaluation after each From Where I Sit experience.