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This year LEAD is thrilled to feature the voices of five young writers of color who will illuminate the texts and the journey for us. In these young theologians, you will hear God’s story again in new ways. If you dare, let them be your companions on the Lenten journey, showing you how God is at work in the world. Through their voices, hear again of God’s relentless, ridiculous, unmitigated love for us. Hear the Spirit’s invitation to turn from our addiction to sin, death, and the forces that defy God. Be bathed in forgiveness. Be driven to do justice, to love big, to change the world.

R O O T E D: An introduction

Our faith is rooted in our ancestors, our culture, our stories. We come to the ancient scriptures with a longing for more than what life is offering. We are God’s people, even as we wonder about the world around us. In rapidly changing society, roots matter – they hold us when everything else is breaking. We pray that the voices of young leaders spark your faith imagination as you engage scripture throughout the Lenten Season.

R O O T E D: In Practice

  • Root your thoughts by reading the reflection. Yes, reflect before you read the scripture.
  • Root your personal reflections by reading the Scripture.
  • Root deeply in your perspective. Write, draw, walk or sit in silence.
  • Root your life in prayer.

Jesus’ Temptation

Matthew 4:1-11

Featuring Miki Grace

Chicago, IL

Jesus and Nicodemus

John 3:1-17

Featuring Lillian Smith

Houston, TX

Jesus and the Woman at the Well

John 4:50-42

Featuring Katie Simbala

Baltimore, MD

Jesus Heals the Blind Man

John 9:1-41

Featuring Rodger Jones

Chicago, IL

Jesus Raises Lazarus

John 1:1-45

Featuring Jazzy Johnson

Atlanta, GA

Rooted: Lent 2020

Based on the Revised Common Lectionary Texts
Year A

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