The Sacred ValleyOne step at a time through The Sacred Valley

Welcome to LEAD. This is our watch. You and I are called to lead the Christian movement forward in our own small way—even as we search to find the path ourselves. We are looking forward to being together in this journey.

During our time together, we discussed the Sacred Valley and the four primary behaviors that effectively shift our mindset as leaders and prepare our faith communities for leadership in a changing world. These behaviors are:

  • Listen
  • Center
  • Explore
  • Connect

As I research the differences between growing and stalled congregations, these four behaviors stand out as clear growth indicators in thriving Christian communities around the world. I have personally witnessed them at work in communities of all sizes and geographies in the United States, El Salvador, Peru, and the Central African Republic. We can do this!

Making new behaviors normal takes practice and is faster with a coach. Your synod knows this.

These behaviors are a lot like a workout program—they are easier to commit to if we have a coach alongside us. Think of this as a perfect Continuing Education opportunity that includes your congregation, synod partnership and LEAD Coach. Together we will build on your strengths in the context of your own ministry. Most leaders admit they seldom use what they learn at conferences but evidence is clear: a coaching session, one hour a month in the midst of your real congregational and personal life, is transformative. This is learning in the context of the ups and downs of ministry, customized for your own goals.

We believe every leader can grow—and every congregation can grow! Growth is a choice that begins with the leader taking seriously their own faith formation and capacity building and joining God in mission.

God’s mission has a church and your congregation is included. Nothing happens without the Holy Spirit working through leaders who are open to experimenting and following God into the future.

Again, welcome to this pilgrimage with LEAD!

Together in Christ,
Peggy Hahn
Executive Director – LEAD

LEAD Congregational Assessment

To register for the Assessment, click on the button below.

About the LEAD Congregational Assessment

A congregation that is committed to growing can use LEAD’s online Congregational Assessment to:

  • Find its place on the Leadership Landscape
  • Establish a baseline for the four Growth Indicators which are vital behaviors for growing congregations
  • To learn more about these Growth Indicators, see the 2015 Toolbox video entitled 4 Growth Indicators.
  • Build on its strengths to respond to God’s call within your congregation and your neighborhood

The Assessment includes 2 parts.

Part 1:  Basic demographic information about the person completing the Assessment.

Part 2:  20 statements about the congregation. Participants are asked to choose the response that they think best describes the congregation.


Print Materials:

Leadership Recharge Handout

Commitment Card (PDF) (Word) (Publisher)