Introducing the LEAD Journey – Joining God in Mission

THE LEAD JOURNEY provides learning seminars, coaching, and resources for congregational leadership who want to develop new behaviors and tools to join in God’s mission.

Stories from the LEAD Journey

LEAD JourneyThe LEAD Journey includes:

LEAD Congregational Assessment: a 20 question digital assessment designed to locate your congregation on the Leadership Landscape as a starting place for growth based on LEAD’s Four Growth Indicators: Listen, Center, Explore, and Connect. (Paper version is available.)

Two-day Learning Seminars: teaching the Four Growth Indicators as Vital Behaviors, offering workshops for deeper learning and leadership skills, and face to face time with your congregation’s coach to work on a customized plan for building on your assets during the next year.

Seminar A: The Tune In Process

Introduces your congregational team to the Tune In Process, to the coach, and to new behaviors that increase success. This is a formation experience that will lead to a successful journey. Everyone on the LEAD Team should attend.

Seminar B: Spirituality of the leader

Focuses on spirituality of the leader, adds new skills, and shares learning across cohorts. This is a faith-enriching experience that prepares the team to deepen personal faith practices. Listening practice includes congregational and neighborhood listening strategies.

Seminar C: Adaptive leadership practices

Moves leadership deeper in understanding adaptive leadership practices and works on case studies. This time focuses on being agents of change in revitalizing the congregation.

Seminar D: The Wake Up Process

Introduces the Wake Up Process that begins the work of clarifying the congregation’s core values and purpose with effort towards alignment. Building on the Tune In Process, this is the next step for launching adaptive experiments in alignment with the congregation’s identity.

Seminar E: The Dig Down Process

Introduces the Dig Down Process, including digging into the congregation’s theological lens, the decision-making model with the staff and governance, and increasing generosity.

Seminar F: The Work Out Process

Introduces the Work Out Process, focusing on working out of our relational comfort zones. This takes up the tough conversations of race, gender, sexual, and socioeconomic diversity in the context of God’s mission.

LEAD Coaching: meeting with a trained coach to accompany your congregational leadership in completing the customized plan. The coach’s role is to strengthen the success factors on the journey.

LEAD’s Action-Research Process: joining your synod and LEAD in a research project to discover best practices with and from others on the same journey across the country.

LEAD Journey FAQs


Success includes equipped leaders with deepening faith, capacity to lead adaptive change, and a renewed energy and passion for the Gospel. The real results will depend on your congregation’s commitment to following through and practicing new behaviors.

The LEAD Processes

Listen—The Tune In Process

Calling people of faith into the neighborhood and world

  • Listen to God in scripture, in prayer, in the congregation, and in the neighborhood
  • Shift from inward to outward focus
  • Launch experiments with new learnings

Center—The Wake Up Process

Calling people of faith into God’s mission

  • Clarify congregational purpose and values
  • Align congregation for mission
  • Articulate congregational identity

Connect—The Work Out Process

Calling people of faith into meaningful relationships

  • Create trust to extend hospitality with openness for diversity out of a theological lens
  • Understand history and memories for widening relationship circles
  • Expand comfort zones exploring faith, intersectionality, and diversity

Explore—The Dig Down Process

Calling people of faith into a growth mindset

  • Deepen Christian frame and theology through Bible Study
  • Streamline systems for strategic ministry, includes staffing and governance
  • Increase commitment and generosity


This digital assessment measures LEAD’s Four Growth Indicators as vital behaviors. This includes a Congregational Overview to be completed by the pastor or council president.


Networked leaders entering into a two to four year journey to transform their congregations through intentional processes. This pilgrimage walks a congregation into their local neighborhood, clarifies purpose and values, seeks to align ministry, explores staffing, governance, and stewardship, and finally connects learning groups, hospitality, outreach, and communication over the course of a few years. You set the pace.


Making new behaviors normal takes practice and is faster with a coach. These behaviors are a lot like a workout program—they are easier to commit to if we have a coach alongside us. Think of this as a perfect Continuing Education opportunity. Most leaders admit they seldom use what they learn at conferences but evidence is clear: a coaching session, one hour a month in the midst of your real congregational and personal life, is transformative. This is learning in the context of the ups and downs of ministry, customized for your own goals or using one of our LEAD Processes.


The LEAD Journey includes three strategic seminars.

  • Seminar A: Introduces the 10-step process identified for your congregation through the LEAD Assessment, makes a coaching plan and launches this experience.
  • Seminar B: Shares stories, adds leadership skills needed for the 10-step process at the mid-point of year one, and builds intentional faith practices for leaders.
  • Seminar C: Shares stories, continues to add leadership skills, and results in a strategic plan for the next few years.