LEAD Coaching: Explore what it means to grow and lead disciples

Transformed people transform people. -Fr. Richard Rohr

Understanding Self

Connecting with Your Leadership Gifts

The more deeply you connect to your God-given gifts, the more effectively you can grow into God’s vision for you. You will identify strengths and challenges, relate them to ideal competencies for leadership and pastoral care, and develop strategies for your own growth.

Envisioning Change

Developing Your Strategic Skills

All leadership requires the ability to provide vision, communicate it clearly, and build support for it. The stresses of transformational change raise the stakes and make it difficult to create healthy teams and overcome resistance to change. It’s essential that leaders develop high-level skills in these areas.

Transforming Community

Leading in Context

How well do you understand your audience? How ready is your congregation to live out its mission in its community and in the wider world as God calls us to do? How can you use your strengths to move them forward?

We are continuing in the LEAD process and loving Jim as our coach. Every coaching session propels us into so many new and wonderful challenges.

Pastor Scott CigichJoyful Life, Magnolia, Texas

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Meet the Coaches

LEAD’s Coaches are certified coaching professionals with advanced education and a wide range of experience. They are committed to offering you, the client, personal accountability as you work toward the goals you have set. LEAD Coaches will walk alongside you, asking questions and supporting you as you identify your strengths and challenges, relate them to the competencies needed in your leadership, and develop strategies for growth.

Alix Felsing

Michelle Jolley

Jim Merhaut

Jessica Smith-Perry

jane triplett

Jane Triplett, MSEC PMP