Camp Hope Day Camp Ministries

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What is Camp Hope?

Imagine a three-week day camp hosted on your own church campus and run by your own high school students. It’s MUCH more than just having students help with vacation bible school. For over 25 years, Camp Hope has provided new curriculum and training to congregations. Our Vision for Camp Hope is to be the best strategy for congregations to develop young Christian leaders doing justice, who serve God as servants in their neighborhood and in the world.

Take a look at what a typical day of Camp Hope looks like!

Visit the Camp Hope website to learn more.

Camp Hope is a leadership pipeline for High School youth and young adults. It is one of the few ministries in the church that has a concrete system in place to make disciples who have the ability to make disciples. Oh, and it’s a really fun Bible based day camp for kids too.

Pastor Mark EnglandCamp Hope Ministries

In response to the question, What new behaviors or learning did you see happening in your child?

Both my kids came home happy and tired ready for the next day. They read a lot more from the bible and wanted to teach their older brothers the stories.

ParentCamp Hope Day Camp

Camp Hope is passionate about FOUR core values:


…as demonstrated by youth leading the daily activities with the support and training by adult mentors. Students are  equipped, empowered and encouraged to be the Camp Hope staff.

They are EQUIPPED each year with a staff training including how to lead 15 different bible stories, classroom management and creating a safe fun community for the kids.

They are EMPOWERED by being given the opportunity to lead activities and teach bible stories for young campers.

They are ENCOURAGED by an adult mentor in the congregation as well as other staff members.

Camp HopeCongregational Commitment

…as demonstrated by connecting Camp Hope  to the life of the congregation throughout the year.

Be ready! Once you do Camp Hope, you should be prepared for your high school students to expect to be leaders throughout the year. This means that the staff and adult members of the congregation should be connected to these students as mentors to walk with them through Camp Hope as well as in other ministries of the church.

Biblical Literacy

…as demonstrated by learning the major Bible stories through interactive experiences every day at camp.

Camp Hope is based on a five year rotation. Since campers learn about 15 different bible stories each year, this means that they will cover 75 bible stories as a camper. Then they will dig into them deeper as a staff leader. Studies have shown that individuals learn better when they learn in order to teach someone else than when they learn in order to take a test.

Community Connection

…as demonstrated by inviting and welcoming the neighborhood to be part of Camp Hope. Families can customize the daily schedule so that they can utilize this ministry as a safe full day of care, which is great for single parents and double income families. Congregations that want to reach out to their neighborhood should consider Camp Hope as one of the most effective summer strategies available.