It’s always good to have a plan and a way to make it happen. The Annual Roadmap gives you both. Plus, it gives congregational councils a way to celebrate the wins. We don’t do that enough. The Annual Roadmap is ready to go with all the pieces. I’m a huge fan of not recreating the wheel. Here’s the wheel.

Tammy Jones WestAssistant to the Bishop, North Carolina Synod, ELCA

We did our retreat with LEAD’s annual roadmap yesterday. What a wonderful process. Everyone loved it and said it was the best retreat we have ever done. Thank you so much for providing us with such a great resource. People are excited about the future again. They want to be better at reaching out to the community and thanks to you we now we have concrete ways to get there!

Pastor Katie LyonChrist Lutheran
Reading, PA

In the Southwestern Texas Synod, we got a lot of requests from church councils to facilitate their annual council retreat. We decided to use LEADs annual roadmap, and we invited council leaders from different congregations to come together on a Friday night and Saturday to work through the process together. It was so beneficial doing this with clusters of congregations – they learned from each other and drew strength and energy to develop bold goals for the coming year.

Bishop Sue BrinerSouthwestern Texas Synod, ELCA

The Annual Roadmap

LEAD’s 7 Step Guide for Setting Annual Goals – with the help of God

  • Are you looking for ways to do more than what you have been doing?
  • Do you sometimes feel like your congregation is building the road as you drive on it?
  • Would strengthening your infrastructure and alignment reduce speed-bumps along your way?

Designed for pastors and church leaders or ministry teams to use during a leadership / council / staff retreat (preferably overnight but one long day is possible), the Annual Roadmap will help churches develop a plan for joining God in mission and moving the congregation forward.

The result?

A plan with up to 6 goals that are aligned around shared annual values, focused on identified stakeholders, and include doable next steps. The package includes a poster for you to print and display as a reminder of the Annual Roadmap goals you set.

This is not a strategic planning process, but it is perfect if your congregation is gearing up for one, wants to prepare for a more intentional LEAD Process, is wanting to set strategic goals for faith formation, or has taken the Congregational Vitality Survey as part of your annual report and is asking, so now what?

Regardless of where your congregation is right now, making an Annual Roadmap is as important as developing your own personal annual goals. Each requires an awareness of the realities of your life / your congregation’s life and your larger commitment to learning because you want to be a better person / congregation.

Congregational Annual Plan

EVERYTHING you need in one package


From timeline to supply list to agenda and PowerPoint Presentation with facilitator notes, LEAD provides you with all the resources necessary to develop your Annual Plan.

7 steps + 8 hours ⇒ Annual Plan

For $150, you receive access to all the following downloadable resources:

  • Unlimited copies of the 20-page Annual Roadmap Guide for your congregation or ministry team (we trust that each congregation will purchase their own resource package)
  • An editable PowerPoint presentation with facilitator notes
  • An editable facilitator’s outline to help you pace the event
  • An editable bulletin insert for congregational communication (Microsoft Word)
  • A 300 dpi poster for you to print and display as a reminder of the Annual Roadmap Goals
  • A supply list

Once your congregation has registered, you will receive a password to access the resources.

Access Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do The Annual Roadmap?

This guide is about setting annual goals. This is different than strategic planning or a goal setting process for a three year plan.

Time is not spent focusing on the overall purpose of the congregation or discerning the congregation’s unique values (or those of the faith formation ministry). While we at LEAD hope you will do that—and it may even become one of your annual goals—this guide skips over that deeper work in order to create some forward movement.

The Annual Roadmap provides a great starting place that can easily lead to more integrated planning in the future.

Does The Annual Roadmap really work?

What users are saying

Great process, flow, interaction. The Guidebook, powerpoint, map were all very well received, lots of energy in the room from start to finish.

Enjoyed working w/ fellow members on goals for our church. Enjoyed fellowship as well.

I had opened the retreat to council, team leaders, and anyone else interested and had 24 people involved. We left the retreat with the start of a plan. As of our council meeting last evening, we are taking steps to restructure our ministries around our stakeholders and our evaluation filter around our values so I am very excited for what this year will look like.

This was tested with a large congregation with 15 leaders down to a small congregation with 3 leaders – and several in between! It worked well for all of them!

Well organized, targeted, thought-provoking, and collaborative.

What are the 7 steps?

  • Waymark #1 – Values Clarification
  • Waymark #2 – Stakeholders
  • Waymark #3 – Strengths
  • Waymark #4 – Opportunities
  • Waymark #5 – Aspirations
  • Waymark #6 – Results
  • Waymark #7 – Communication

Working the Process