Advent 2013 - 1

Advent Prayer 

Original artwork by Vonda Drees Original music by Paul Drees

As our gift to you in this season of Advent, please turn on your speakers and click on the photo above.  

May you have a blessed and beautiful Advent.

Advent:  Trading up on traditions Is Advent a big deal, a not-so-big deal or dead in the water?  Or another way of saying this is, “How does the birth of Jesus Christ shape our holiday season?”  We think this is an important part of growing as a Christian leader – so we have a gift for you!

This year, during Advent, we invite you to make space for personal devotions by doing one or all of the following as you love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength this holiday season.

youth in Peru with crane

HEART –  Peace Cranes, an alternative giving opportunity benefiting our global companions.   Drawing on the beautiful image of the Peace Cranes, we invite you to pray for peace around the earth.

Remembering people who live in poverty during this season is a part of our faith pilgrimage. You are encouraged to make Advent a time of generous giving that includes people who struggle for clean water, food to eat, healthcare and care for their children. Your congregation may want to consider creating peace crane ornaments to engage your congregation in Global Mission.

SOUL –  Use the Advent Meditations for worship, your small group or family.  Worship bulletins are available for each week.

MIND –  Start a the Global Advent Journey on Facebook. Contact LEAD to get ideas of daily posts for reflection that includes art, photos and scripture.  Share this with your friends and family!

STRENGTH – Walk to Bethlehem with your small group, family or congregation.  Just figure out how many miles it is from your home or church to Jerusalem or Bethlehem, at (from New Orleans it is 6864, from Houston it is 7091).  Design a map or path concept, recruit folks to walk, and have them record their miles at church each week.  Design a bulletin board or poster to show your group’s progress. Use the Isaiah scripture readings in the bulletin’s for your personal meditation as you walk!  People of all ages and abilities can participate! Be creative!  Google Walk to Bethlehem and you can get ideas from what other churches have done.

Let us know what you choose to do.  Talk with us on Facebook or send us an email.   Let’s trade up on Advent this year.