by Rev. Louise Johnson, LEAD Director of Leadership Development

Join three gifted, faithful pastors in three different contexts for this raw and honest conversation about the heart-wrenching decisions church leaders are facing.

Church leadership is often a lonely job.

There are a myriad of micro-decisions that need to be made every day. Some are easier – do I call this person who’s angry or email them? Some weigh more heavily – can we keep working through the personality conflicts of these two staff members or does one of them need to go?

Values, perspectives, prayer, fears and so much more play into a church leader’s decision-making process.

The pandemic has precipitated a whole string of very difficult decisions for church leaders:

  • Do we close our buildings?
  • Do we serve communion online?
  • How do I care for those who are sick, alone, hospitalized?
  • Can we continue to serve food to hungry people and shelter the homeless?
  • How do we participate in anti-racism work?
  • How do we support those who are on the front lines?
  • Do we furlough our pre-school staff?
  • Do we re-open our worshipping spaces?

These decisions have been heart-wrenching for so many clergy. They are worn out from the weight and aftermath of decisions that have become polarizing and politicized.

Pastoral Leadership in a Pandemic is a great opportunity to dive more deeply into the difficulty of this season of leadership.

Church councils, judicatory leaders, and other church leaders alike will want to listen in on this raw, real, and inspiring conversation about how three church leaders are navigating leadership in 2020.

You will not want to miss this conversation about life, leadership, and the work of the Spirit in very challenging times.