On the Move in the Sacred Valley

Sep 22, 2021 | 0 comments

by LEAD’s Executive Director Peggy Hahn

The liminal principle of the Gospel reminds us that God works through disorienting human experiences, not just on the Inca Trail, but in the process of shared experiences. The language we use, our openness to new insights, our way of being together, all ultimately open us up to experience the movement of God. This is the holy of holies, human beings awake to God moving in our own hearts. —The Sacred Valley, p. 32

LEAD is launching a new commitment to accompany leaders and congregations who are currently serving in the most vulnerable of contexts:

  • Congregations serving children, youth, and families living in poverty
  • Leaders recovering from natural disasters
  • BIPOC leaders exhausted from racism in the church

St Paul’s in Lake Charles, Louisiana has been hit by two hurricanes, a freeze, and a flood in the past year. By listening in these challenging times, this small congregation has decided they want to respond to the food insecurities they have discovered by collecting food items for neighbors in need. This is what we can expect from caring Christians who are recovering from natural disasters because helped people help people.

In partnership with LEAD’s Camp Hope Day Camp MinistriesSantiago Apóstol hosted day camps for children and youth across Houston for their third summer in a row in partnership with LEAD’s Camp Hope Day Camp Ministries. This is what happens when leaders know how to deeply engage their community, secure United Way Grants, and train youth to lead the way.

All around us we see incredible leaders working in the sacred valley of the church. They are leading the way for hundreds of other congregations to engage their neighbors, and they need support for their leaders.

We need a scholarship fund so that leaders like these, serving in congregations unable to fund strategic work on their own, become part of the fabric of the LEAD community. Will you help LEAD accompany more congregations in these vulnerable contexts?

This is what the new Sacred Valley Scholarship Fund is designed to do. Can you help us build this Fund? We have a $14,000 initial goal. That’s one dollar for every foot of the tallest peak I will ascend before descending into Machu Picchu.

We are asking every reader, every client, every congregation to give to this fund. Your gift of any amount is appreciated. Please participate today!

Here are two ways we plan to say thank you for giving to the Sacred Valley Scholarship Fund:

  • A gift of any amount will welcome you to our digital after party, as I share with you some of my experiences from the hike. When I step away from my busy life for a time of prayer, God reveals new visions. We want you to be the first to know what is being discerned.
  • If you can give more than $100, we will send you a digital version of The Sacred Valley, describing LEAD’s approach to leadership.

As a small organization, LEAD is constantly being asked to partner with communities that are unable to fund the strategic work that would help them succeed. 100% of your gift to the Sacred Valley Scholarship Fund will be dedicated to working with and learning from these incredible leaders. You will be part of helping the church reinvent what it means to be followers of Jesus.


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