Serving 78 Congregations on The LEAD Journey, LEAD is still on a quest to listen to God.

6 years in, here are 6 things LEAD is learning from you:

  1. RISK

Everything starts with people who are willing to take a risk. Leadership means sticking your neck out. Literally sticking your neck outside of your comfort zone even when you know there’s potential for failure.


Growing a new mindset is like peeling an onion. One stinky layer at a time.


Admitting that others definitely know more than you do about some things makes space for learning. Generosity is more than giving, it is also receiving.


Expecting more than you or anyone else thinks is possible, practical or popular is what it means to be visionary.


Listening, Centering, Exploring, and Connecting are still vital behaviors for personal and congregational growth. No exceptions.

  1. TIME

Teams of leaders + intentional process + new mindset + new wisdom + new skills + three years = transforming congregations. YES, 3 YEARS. THREE. YEARS. As a great start.

“I thought, 3 YEARS? ARE YOU KIDDING? Now I’m thinking, will that be long enough?” Pastor Sara Yotter, Joy Reigns Lutheran Church, Edgewater, Maryland.

LEAD has the privilege of learning how to be the church as we usher in a new era. If you or your congregation want to join us, email or you can learn more here.

Leading the church together beats independence any day of the week. We are pilgrims on a long journey who need each other.