Joy in New Life

Spring is the time of renewal and new life. It is happening all around us. New flowers blooming, grass growing, green on the trees.

As we move out of Lent and into the Easter season, new life is also the call of our faith. As we worship together, we experience the pilgrimage of Jesus from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. We pray for God to stir up that new life in our personal faith lives as well.

This month’s Toolbox invites us to participate in God’s work of new life in our communities – to be a part of the renewal of springtime and new life of resurrection in our life together.

The work of new life is not always easy.

Nature doesn’t get to Springtime without first travelling through winter.
Jesus doesn’t get to Easter without experiencing Good Friday.

Our experience of Easter worship is fully experienced by participating in the disciplines of Lent.

As we look for renewal, new life, and revitalization in our congregational life we commit ourselves to the entire journey. And we trust in the promise of God, “Look! I am making all things new.”

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