Your computer (or phone) + 1 hour = first step to deepening faith and expanding mission

Are you are ready for your congregation to grow deeper in faith and to be energized and equipped to usher in a new era of the Christian faith? If so, the LEAD Journey is a way forward.

Leaders from over 70 congregations have stories to share about the transformation happening in their churches. The LEAD Journey is a commitment that starts with pastors and lay leaders working together to deepen their own faith and trust as they lead the congregation outward.

  • You set the pace for this movement
  • You have support to make change
  • You get a new peer group that can last beyond the Journey as part of the LEAD Alumni Community

The LEAD Journey is a pilgrimage for a team of congregational leaders (pastors and lay leaders) who commit to a three year transformational process.

Members of our professional LEAD Team serve as your guides as you work through 4 of LEAD’s Guidebooks. You can look forward to:

  • Six Learning Seminars
  • Thirty Coaching Sessions

This is not a program easily completed. There are no quick-fix options in this changing world. LEAD offers a high-commitment, deep-results experience that works for congregations in any location.

Bring your questions to the Open House, meet LEAD’s Executive Director and a professional LEAD coach. Let’s partner to grow leaders with a deep, bold, consequential faith.