by Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director

Fear of funding ministry is a blackhole for leaders as they move from awareness to concern to panic. I am constantly confronted by people on this downward path who are over-focused on this lag metric as a priority for their work in the church.

Shifting the conversation to God’s mission, to running experiments, to building relationships in the neighborhood and to having the courage to lead is primary to church life. Notice I didn’t say survival. The survival path is exactly the opposite of what I am talking about.

Trust me, I watch LEAD’s bank account, look at our cashflow and manage our spending as a regular part of my responsibilities as Executive Director. But if I waited to have enough money to carry out our vision, LEAD would not exist. We are learning SO much about how to partner with congregational leaders, like you, who are ready to step out in faith. We have story after story of congregations who are experimenting their way forward. You can do this.

Start by reading one of the books below around the council or staff table.

The truth is:

We have a vision problem, a spiritual problem, a courage problem, a commitment problem, but not a money problem.

Recommended reading: