with Peggy Hahn, LEAD Executive Director

We know the feeling of being pulled into a good story. How many times have we stayed up too late with a great novel, been distracted from work by a great Facebook story, or prayed after an alarming news alert? Who expected to be living through a global pandemic?

Friends, we have a story to share.

Storytelling is a gift from God. When we share our hearts in story, we feel better. We heal. Our fears fade away as we name them out loud. Each telling of the story gets easier as we gain language to talk about or write about what happened. The stories get passed from generation to generation.

This is as old as Moses. Manna literally means food from heaven. We believe that some of this food comes in the form of people sharing their life’s stories with each other. Too many of these stories stick in our throats and never get heard. This is a loss to us in our own healing and to others who in hearing our story might find language for their own.

What will you say about your experience of quarantine?  Where have you experienced God during heartbreak, isolation, fear, hope, laughter?

Manna webinars offer a storytelling practice, a little like a good recipe, for sharing your heart of hearts. For hearing the hearts of others. Each session builds on the one before, with distinct learnings.

But there’s more! A good story always goes better with a cup of coffee and piece of freshly baked bread. Bring your family’s favorite bread recipes. Let’s build a Manna cookbook to share with others.

Bring a friend. All are welcome, including your teenagers.