by Peggy Hahn, Executive Director, LEAD

We are witnessing white supremacy on the main stage in our country, with some of the worst abuse of power, for all the world to see. When you tell the story of what happened yesterday, don’t sugar-coat it.

Be bold. Tell the whole, racist, abusive truth.

Everyone who has ever been in an abusive relationship knows that this is exactly how an abuser acts when you are about to get out. This is one way an abusive relationship ends.

Like most white women, I have leaned too often toward the middle of the road, without raising a confrontational voice regarding misuse of power. I have done this, not out of lack of conviction, but because of my deep fears of how people might react. I have hidden in patriarchy because it was safer, and this makes me frustrated with myself.

How we talk about what is happening in our country is critical.  There should be no white washing. The stain of this memory should be told, even to our children and grandchildren. We cannot miss this moment to tell the faith story.

The Confederate flag has never run through the Capitol of our country until today.

The Capitol has not been breached since the war of 1812, and this breach was by a foreign invader, not by American citizens. Yesterday, Americans did this to ourselves.

This happened on The Feast of the Epiphany. To quote Nadia Boltz-Weber, “I am reminded that an insecure ruler named Herod was so threatened by the birth of Jesus that he tried to overthrow the result by putting a hit out on a toddler.”

We serve a God who stood up to the abuse of power by sending this baby. It needs to be said that white supremacy, in any way, shape, or form is unacceptable. This kind of abuse of power does not align with our Christian faith. We need to grow enough courage to say this out loud. Right now. Unequivocally.

Our church needs a reformation. Our world is in desperate need of a renaissance. What if we were on this leadership team?